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Calle Elvira Méndez con Calle 51.
Edificio Vallarino, piso 7.
Panamá, Ciudad de Panamá
Tel.: (507) 264-6266 | 264-0272
E-mail: info@colegiodelatierra.org


¿Who we are?

THE SCHOOL OF EARTH The School of the Earth is a non profit organization formed by a group of persons whose vocation is to provide all their efforts to end poverty and abandonment in Panama. The first project of The School of the Earth is the “Technical Institute of Agro-forestry” in Jaqué, a High School located in the province of Darién which is one of Panama’s areas most in need due to the lack of infrastructure and communications BUT RICH IN BIODIVERSITY AND CULTURE.

Board of Directors:

  • Caroline Schmitt - President:
    Expert in direction and management of audio visual media. Works in the News department of Channel 2 and is anchor woman of the Noticiero Estelar.

  • Patrick Dillon - Vicepresident and Secretary:
    Architect in charge of the construction of the museum of Biodiversity designed by Frank Gehry, and of the infrastructure of the center of marine exhibits in the Smithsonian and the panama Rainforest Discovery Center.

  • Maria Gabriela Fong - Treasury:
    Electrical Engineer, business woman and tecnology consultant with the Centauri Technologies Corporation and Maga System and Consulting.

  • Jorge Ventocilla - Vocal:
    Biologist, researcher associated with the Smithsonian with 20 years of experience in environmental education. Author of many books and journalistic articles.

  • Rosamaria Guerra - Vocal:
    Economist and director of the International Center of Environmental Training and consultant of Education and Community Development.

Executive Committee:

  • Ana María Vazquez - Creative and cultural doer:
    Artist who resides partially in Jaqué and partially in Mexico. Co-founder of NGO “Bridges Across Borders”.
  • Beatriz Schmitt Dirección - Exec. Director Ad-Honorem:
    Journalist and environmental educator, director of the “Avifauna” Foundation Eugene Eissenman.

  • Carl W. Schmitt - Financial Advisor:
    Businessman, President of White Field Corporation, a flower trade company.

  • Alexandra Marco - Executive Collaborator:
    Economist and Business Administrator, works as a consultant in business management.

  • Paula Valdes - Executive Collaborator:
    Commercial Engineer, works as a consultant in business processes.
  • Millie Johnson - My journey to the United States began in May of 1983, when I left the Caribbean island of Montserrat to seek an education in the United States. After working for 12 years as a nurse, I returned to college in 1999 to further my education. In May of 2003, I graduated from Vassar College, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Geography. Over the past five years I volunteered with women-led NGOs in South Africa, Ghana, New Zealand, Guatemala, Colombia, and Panama. On May 2006 I completed a Masters degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. I am presently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources with a concentration in nonprofit management at Johns Hopkins University. Upon graduation in May 2008, I plan to establish a nonprofit in keeping with my work on the health and welfare of women and children in countries aroung the world.
  • Paola Schmitt - Creative Collaborator:
    Artist and Business Administrator, creator of cultural projects. Her works are exhibited at national and international level.

Education Consultant:

  • Marisa Montesano de Talavera: Educator with great experience in curriculum and educational direction, in charge of the curricular design of the Institute of Agro-forestry in Jaqué. Teacher trainer and expert in educational assessment. 

Executive Assistant

  • Rosa Saldaña: Industrial engineer in charge of coordination, administration and accounting.